With different ways to get long lashes, we test eyelash extensions versus a semi-permanent mascara

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - If you want to get a fuller lash, there are all sorts of options for extensions, from eye lash strips to individuals, even semi-permanent mascara.

All of these methods vary in cost and appearance, but which procedure works best on your budget and last longer?

We find out in Lash Wars.

Meet our two models, Anh Do, a student and the current Miss Palm Beach County USA and Danette Culhane, an account executive with IS clinical, a beauty and skin care company.

We took the women to Lashologist, Ellie Malmin.

"I can style them, perm them, tint them, curl them, extend them, whatever brings out your natural beauty,” said Malmin.

Both models will get two different looks.

On one eye, Ellie applies LUX Lash, a semi-permanent mascara which last about 5 to 10 days.

Malmin said, "It gives like a mascara look but a little bit longer."

And on the other eye, she adds extensions which could last for several months.

"She can clean, she can shampoo them, she can brush them, they're like her own natural hairs."

Both procedures vary in price.

LUX Lash cost around $75 dollars, while the extensions will run you about $250 dollars.

At first sight.

"Wow, they looked phenomenal,” said Culhane.

Both ladies immediately like the look of the extensions.

After ten days of battling lashes, our models said for them, the extensions won.

"I think if you're already going to go through the process of getting anything on your lashes, you might as well do the extensions," said Culhane.