Winner's Church members thank mystery woman who paid for 80-inch TV needed for sanctuary

Woman pays for TV, surprises church members

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - While singing a song of praise Sunday morning at Winner’s Church, congregation leaders said they have much to rejoice for, now that they have their brand new 80-inch televisions hanging throughout the sanctuary.  But one of these TV’s came as a surprise.

Associate Pastor Whitney Shipman said a mystery shopper paid for one of the televisions when he was in Sam’s Club last Thursday.

Shipman said, "One of the ladies behind us said, 'I heard this was for a church.' And I said, 'Yes, this is for a church.' And she said, 'I feel like I need to buy one for the church.'"

Shipman insisted that wasn’t necessary since television cost $2,800.  He was having a problem with the credit card because of the huge purchase.

"I was on the phone with Sam's and trying to get everything worked out, and she ended up buying one of the TVs and she actually got away before I could really tell her thank you,” said Shipman

Music director Chris Hardy went with Shipman that day to get the televisions. Hardy said he remembers the woman, who was carrying a few groceries.

“I was talking to a gentleman behind me, and then when I walked up to make sure everything was going smoothly,” explained Hardy. “I found out that she paid for one of them, and I was blown away."

Both men believe maybe there was a reason why the card didn’t work, but hope one day they can thank the woman who worked a miracle.

"Generosity like that changes people's lives because it doesn't matter if they're church goers or believers in Christ, one act of kindness can change someone's entire world,” said Hardy.