Why to volunteer on Thanksgiving

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Many people spend Thanksgiving cooking with family, but it's not always in their own kitchen.

Like may people, the crowd at Micki Weintraub's dinner table started to dwindle over the years.

"Once we came down and retired it's like there was three of us for Thanksgiving," said Weintraub.

People move away, get married. So, instead of slaving over a hot stove for three people, she figured why not hundreds.

"It would be so small it would be so sad this is what we look forward to every year," said Weintraub.

For nine years, Micki and her daughter have volunteered at Farmer Girl Kitchen, in Lake Worth, cooking, serving up pies to people in need.

"We decided this is going to be our new thanksgiving, share it with all our new friends," said Weintraub.

This is no last minute plan. Droves of volunteers work in shifts throughout the day, even delivering meals to 300 homebound residents.

The idea behind this whole operation is to serve people. The restaurant had volunteers calling starting in July, so much so, some had to be turned away.

"Most people really didn't need a meal they just wanted some company," said volunteer Dick Farrel.

Giving a break, he says, to someone who really needs it.


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