West Palm Marine reservist Maj. Samuel Griffith dies in Afghanistan

His parents share memories of him

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Major Samuel Griffith was known as a young man who gave his all to his family and country. But he has now given his life on a battlefield in Afghanistan.

The parents of Maj. Griffith are remembering their son, who they say was killed by enemy gunfire.

Maj. Samuel Griffith, 36, was a United States Marine reservist stationed in West Palm Beach.

He had only been in Afghanistan for five weeks when he was killed. It was his third tour of duty, but one he had volunteered for.

His parents, Don and Kathi Bischoff, were at a loss for words Wednesday night.

"We were great friends, you know, I just can't believe he's gone," said his stepfather, Don.

With tears in her eyes and clutching her son's dress blues, Griffith's mother shared her anguish of her son's loss and appreciation for the life he lived.

"I've been feeling lost today, but I know ultimately Sam was a godly man. He's in heaven and someday I will see him again," said Kathi.

Maj. Griffith served for 15 years. He'd seen duty before in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was November 8 of this year when he volunteered to serve again in Afghanistan as an air controller with the 4th Anglico.

On Wednesday, the day before his youngest son's 6th birthday, Griffith was killed. According to his mother, who says she received the news Wednesday morning, Griffith was shot in the head by enemy combat fire.

"I believe he was killed instantly," she said. "They took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead."

His mother says she would hear of other troops dying and pray for their families.

"I never wanted it to be me, but here I am," she said.

The parents of Maj. Samuel Griffith say it is a reminder that despite troops coming home from Iraq, there are still many fighting a war.

"They don't realize all the people overseas ducking this and ducking that," said his stepfather. "It seems like Afghanistan is the forgotten war."

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