West Palm Beach Police release new video from drive-by shooting

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - West Palm Beach Police still haven't made any arrests stemming from a drive-by shooting off of Windsor Avenue back on June 7. Four year old Krystal Black was the only victim of the shooting.

Police say the intended victim got away uninjured, and isn't cooperating with police. Sergeant Ron Ghianda says, "One person that was out there, he was the intended target. He knows exactly who was after them, doesn't say why or who they are. He was within ten feet of them. So if he just came forward and gave us a name we could make this case."

The West Palm Beach Police Department uses a system that allows tipsters to submit information on crimes anonymously. Detectives say there is no way a tipster can be tracked down, because the information goes through a computer server in Canada. Sergeant David Lefont says, "Once it comes through the network, we don't know who it is, we truly don't."

The victim's mother, Tawana Smith-Black, says it's been frustrating dealing with the medical bills and trauma her daughter endured due to the shooting. The family has a bank account set up for people generous enough to help with their bills. The account is named "The Krystal Black Fund" and is through Wells Fargo.

Smith-Black says she wants closure to the case, so her and her family can feel safe again. She urges people with any information on the case to come forward, so arrests can be made. Smith-Black says, "I still forgive them, and I haven't forgotten. But I want them behind bars. I want to see justice served. I want to see them gone."

If you know anything about the drive-by shooting that took place on June 7, you can submit anonymous tips through the West Palm Beach Police Department's website.

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