West Palm Beach police considers $10 million upgrade to police radio system

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The West Palm Beach City Commission on Monday will give initial consideration to a plan to upgrade its police radio system that has been in operation since 1986.

The city signed a contract in 2006 to purchase a system known as Open Sky.

According to information provided on Monday's commission agenda, the city says thus far it has invested more than $5 million on Open Sky, which it does not use.

The addition of multiple high rises in downtown West Palm Beach over the past decade has made the Open Sky system unusable, according to city documents.

The city commission at Monday's workshop will review a proposal for a new radio system that will cost up to an additional $10 million.

If the proposal is approved, the city would construct two new radio towers and the purchase of new equipment.

The proposed system would allow West Palm Beach to connect to the Open Sky system, which is currently being used by the Palm Beach Gardens and Palm Beach police departments, as well as the public service radio system operated by Palm Beach County.

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