West Palm Beach Parade honors generations of American Veterans

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA - The roar of motorcycles thundering through the streets of Downtown West Palm Beach signaled the beginning of the 2011 Veterans Day Parade.

"There's such a great camaraderie and brotherhood and womanship that brings these men and women together still to this day," said Sg1. 1st Class, Will Twigg, with the Florida Army National Guard.

The parade route was lined with residents, all giving thanks to the men and women who risked everything to protect their way of life.

"A day to take a pause and recognize the men and women that have gone before us, or that are still serving...that have served their country, willingly, in an all volunteer force. Some of them are not here with us," said Twigg.

Stretching from Tamarind Avenue to the waterfront, veterans from multiple wars strode proudly through the heart of the city, happy to share their wisdom earned in sacrifice.

"There should never be wars to be honest with you...but, we're always going to have conflicts...so if you're trained and understand the military way, it helps you a lot," said Vietnam Veteran, Gregory Choinski.

For Petty Officer 2nd Class Emilio Aleman, the chance to honor fellow veterans is an obligation, and one he's proud to have. "We're here to support our veterans for giving us our freedom...It's important for me to be here...to show my support," said Aleman.

The event also serves a secondary purpose for Aleman however, showing the next generation the importance of respect, and patriotism.

"God bless America...It's great to be here, and great to be free," said Aleman.

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