West Palm Beach man buying up condos and using them for sober living

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Ken Bailynson is buying up condos at a rapid rate at Green Terrace Condos and converting them into sober living apartments that he rents out.

"I spend $40,000 to $50,000 remodeling the places after I buy them …we ask that the residents stay a commitment of seven months but sometimes they relapse so they go back for treatment and they come back," owner Ken Bailynson said.

Bailynson rents the condos out to recovering addicts.

He said he has nine more units under contract now and will soon own half of the complex.

"People don't understand what we are doing from the outside. They don't know that these are good individuals. Just because they had problems in previous lives doesn't mean they are bad people," Bailynson said.

Bailynson also just became the HOA president.

Nick Morgenstern rents one of the condos from Bailynson

He said he has been sober a year.

"We're not in active addiction where we are trying to rob and steal to get our drugs to stay high. We are here working with our sponsors and going to meetings. We're helping the community," Morgenstern said.

Nearby neighbors said they have their doubts and wish sober houses had more regulation.

Bailynson says he plans to purchase more condos soon.

"I'm not going to lie … I'm probably going to keep buying. I think it is a good investment," Bailynson said.

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