Civil suit against Wellington polo tycoon John Goodman has been settled

Sources tell NewsChannel 5

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Sources tell NewsChannel 5 that a settlement in the wrongful death civil suit against Wellington polo tycoon John Goodman has been reached.

Those sources say the settlement was reached last week, but all parties agreed to keep terms confidential.

According to published reports, the parents of Scott Wilson, who filed the suit, sought up to $100 million dollars in damages.

Sources say the settlement is beyond ten million dollars, but how far beyond they would not confirm.

"I don't think it's a surprise that the civil case is settled, and I don't think the timing is a shock, because you know both cases - the civil and the criminal - were both set for trial in March," said NewsChannel 5 legal analyst Michelle Suskauer. "It's not a surprise that the terms are confidential, but it's a surprise that it hasn't come out and leaked."

Goodman is charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide after allegedly running a stop sign and crashing into Scott Wilson on Feb. 12, 2010. Investigators said Goodman was driving with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit in Florida when he slammed into Wilson's car, sending him into a nearby canal where he drowned.

On Thursday, a six-member jury was seated in the criminal trial against Goodman. Opening statements by lead defense attorney Roy Black and lead prosecutor Ellen Roberts are slated to begin Tuesday, March 13th.

"This will come into play if he is found guilty and restitution is ordered," said Suskauer . "Obviously the judge is going to take into consideration that restitution has been paid via a civil settlement."

If convicted, Goodman could face 30 years behind bars.

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