Volunteers renovating Home Safe

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - You can usually find Greg Gasior spending his Friday afternoons in the office. Instead, he along with about 130 of his employees, are renovating Home Safe, a facility for twenty-two abused and neglected teen boys.

Gasior from Gables Residential said, "Our associates, this is one of their most favorite days of the year they love giving back."

Not only are volunteers working on the landscaping, but they're also cleaning appliances that will be donated to home safe.

"We are doing painting, we've added some cement walkaways, we adding some cork boards to put some posters up. cabinetry, countertops. We are doing a little bit of everything, mostly renovation," said Gasior.

Home Safe's chief executive officer, Matthew Ladika says this is the first time the cottages have been renovated since they were built eight years ago.

"These kids, they deserve the best. When we outfit them with clothes, it's always brand new because what these kids have gone through, the trauma, they deserve so much more so we try to give them the best that we absolutely can," said Ladika.

The work saves Home Safe about 50 thousand dollars.

"We're just so grateful for gables for all of these folks to take the time out of their day to come here and spend it with us," he said.

Home Safe
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