Virus carrying mosquitoes and their eggs

West Palm Beach - Harper and his sister Jayden love playing in their neighbor's tree. But they are not the only ones outside, mosquitoes are also enjoying the summer weather.

Their mother Erika Stone said, "It's pretty bad we always have to spray them down and make sure they come in and when it's getting too bad outside."
According the Palm Beach County Health Department, the mosquitoes that carry viruses don't mind being inside your home.

Research shows it's not just the mosquitoes, but their eggs also could  potentially carry the virus.

"Chikungunya and Dengue to their eggs that subsequently those eggs would emerge as an adult with at least a low level of the virus and could potentially pass that on," said Tim O'Connor with the Health Department.

Those infected mosquitoes could in turn bite someone and possibly make them sick with flu like symptoms.

"Scientifically it can emerge but whether or not it's enough of the virus to really infect a human is still under research but it definitely can create that cycle and it will produce a second generation of mosquito that already has the virus in it," O'Connor added.

The advice is to get rid of standing water inside and outside of your home to lower your chances of mosquitoes breeding. Something that parent Andrea Day is already doing. "When the rain storms are coming in you are always looking for standing water around the house and it's summer so that happens twice a day, " said Andrea.

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