Vincent Demasi, West Palm Beach Police Chief, applies for Cincinnati police chief position

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - After only a year as chief, Vince Demasi is letting his officers at the West Palm Beach Police Department know that he is pondering a new job in his home state of Ohio.

Hired in june of 2012, Chief Vince Demasi took over the department in August of 2012. The city must now contemplate the possibility of a new search for a new police chief.

On the job as the top cop in West Palm Beach for less than a year, and Demasi is looking for work elsewhere. His 'dream job' is to lead the police department in the city of Cincinnati, where Demasi rose through the ranks for 37 years.

"It's the goal and the dream of I think every American, every person that has put their blood, sweat and tears into an organization, to have the opportunity to lead it," said Demasi on Tuesday.

Demasi just finished applying for the Cincinnati Police Chief job Tuesday, and had not yet told his own officers about his new aspirations when the news broke.

"I'm very committed to the people of West Palm Beach," he said. "No job is forever. Everybody is replaceable. I think everybody realized that when I was hired."

 Demasi did, however, talk to Mayor Jeri Muoio and the City Administrator about his potential exit.

"As far as we are concerned, it's business as usual," said Eliot Cohen, Spokesperson for the city of West Palm Beach. Cohen comment on the possibility of having to launch a new search for a new chief so soon. "A lot of work went into picking police chief," he said. "We think we got the best one we could possibly have. We hope he decides to stay here."

Demasi oversees 276 police officers in West Palm Beach. In Cincinnati - his former home - he would be in charge of about 1,000 officers. It is a move that Demasi says could be a benefit both professionally and personally.

"My dad is 85 years old," he said. "He's in a nursing home up there. This would present an opportunity to get back close to him."

Demasi was officially sworn in as Chief in West Palm Beach on August 13 of last year and earns a salary of approximately $140,000 a year. The salary at Cincinnati Police Department would be about the same.

There are currently 16 applicants for the Cincinnati Police Chief position; a position that Demasi applied for in 2011, but did not get. Instead, he retired as Assistant Police Chief in Cincinnati and came to the West Palm Beach Police Department.

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