Video: Drone helps SunFest organizers capture the scale of event

West Palm Beach - - If you attended SunFest you probably noticed a drone flying over the crowds. Did you wonder who was behind it?

It wasn't Homeland Security or the West Palm Beach Police looking for bad guys. SunFest's Marketing Manager Melissa Sullivan had the festival's videographer, Adam Kaplan, capture the scene from the sky to help market the event to future sponsors.

The drone video (watch the clips above) captures the size of the crowds and the sheer scale of Florida's largest waterfront music and art festival.

"I'll use it for my promotional video next year," Sullivan said. "We're growing in reach - last year we sold into 43 different states - so video is important for us to be able to give a taste of something they've never heard of. And video is so powerful. The drone is just using the latest technology."

"Our slogan is 'Where music meets the waterfront,'" she explained, "and the site is always difficult to show how the music and water interface. You're either shooting the people or the water. What the drone allowed us to do is take it in from a different perspective."

On Friday, a second drone also caught the action. Jason Roberts, who just opened a new iPhone Fix store in the 400 block of Clematis Street, flew his drone over the crowds and posted the video to YouTube.

Roberts said the video has been good promotion for the new store, which repairs Apple devices and computers. His video is below.

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