Victoria Lindsey, former office manager, charged with stealing from a doctor's office

$54,000 taken from office

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A woman who was hired to be an officer manager for a medical office on North Flagler Drive has been arrested by West Palm Beach police.

Officers say that Victoria Lindsey, who ran the office in 2013, stole over $54,000 from the doctor's office account.

An accountant hired by the doctor to investigate the missing funds told police that Lindsey cashed 84 business checks that were made payable to cash.

The doctor and employees told investigators that they were never reimbursed for any expenditures or paychecks made payable to cash.

Lindsey, according to police, used a stamp with the doctor's signature to cash the checks.

Officers say that Lindsey was responsible for making deposits from the cash and checks received by employees from patients.

Police have charged Lindsey with organized scheme to defraud.

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