Tropical Storm Isaac did a number on unpaved roads in The Acreage

'There are potholes everywhere'

THE ACREAGE, Fla. - Dora Andre says driving on the dirt roads in her Acreage neighborhood are a problem.

"It's like going through a bumpy bump and literally there are potholes everywhere." Flooding from Tropical Storm Isaac washed away some of the dirt from the unpaved roads, taking a toll on the family's cars. Dora said, "Shocks which I think are what make your car bounce nicely are getting the wear and tear." 

The Indian Trail Improvement District says its aware of the problem. After the floodwaters started to drain, work crews surveyed which roads needed the most repair.

Tanya Quickel, the district administrator for the Indian Trail Improvement District said, "All the ruts because of the water that was sitting on them for days and then as they continue to dry, we will bring out the graders, bring in fill and rock, to return the roads to good condition."

Quickel said there are many roads to keep track of. "We have 389 miles of unimproved roads which is the equivalent of almost 16 hundred miles of quarter streets. The people live on quarter mile dead end roads by and large and that is equal to the distance between West Palm Beach and Tallahassee so that's a lot of unimproved roads to focus on."

Residents like Dora just hope her road is next on the list for repairs.

"I am hoping that our tax money finally gets around to our block, as opposed to going to someone else's block that did not have as much flooding or didn't have the flooding that we had, hopefully they will have the time to fill the street and make it level with the other streets in the neighborhood."

A project the district hopes to have completed within two to three weeks.

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