Undercover WPB officer talks about synthetic drug sweep

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Investigators say one of the synthetic drugs being distributed out of Palm Beach County was at the center of "Operation Log Jam."

When a warehouse blew up back in May on Georgia Avenue, it shocked a neighborhood and confused many.

For investigators it was just one more clue leading them to what they say is one of the nation's largest manufacturer and distributor of synthetic drugs.

After the explosion, hundreds of packets of incense called 'Mr. Nice Guy' littered the ground.

'Mr. Nice Guy' is the synthetic marijuana investigators say was being manufactured out of multiple locations in Palm Beach County.

"They were quiet they paid their rent," owner of the warehouse, Jack Lowen said. "I didn't go in. I don't know what was going on in there."

Lowen is now stuck trying to revitalize the completely damaged building.

"It's a pain trying to redo this building and there's a lot of trouble and so forth, but I can't do anything about that," Lowen said.

The Georgia Avenue warehouse is one of at least three warehouses investigators say were used to manufacture and distribute the 'Mr. Nice Guy' synthetic drug.

Chopper 5 captured exclusive video of one warehouse on N. Military Trail being raided Wednesday in "Operation Log Jam."

Documents say that the men responsible for manufacturing and distributing the synthetic drugs are Michael Bryant, Dylan Harrison and John Shealy.

"Identifying them and targeting them and tracking the money back and tracking the production back to them is extremely difficult," an undercover West Palm Beach narcotics investigator said.

The undercover narcotics agent told us it's very tough to do these investigations.

He says as recent as Wednesday, these synthetic drugs have caused people on the substance to kill.

"A woman went to sleep, and a guy in the house on the synthetic drugs all of a sudden grabbed a knife and attacked her," he said.

He said the state of mind these drugs put users in and what it causes users to do is extremely dangerous.

It's also dangerous for the manufacturers and distributors, the narcotics officer said.

Something that proved evident when the Georgia Avenue warehouse blew up,

"It's very similar to meth labs when these things blow up," he said. 

He believes if anyone was inside of the Georgia Avenue warehouse, they would've died from the force of the explosion.

Now that raids were conducted across South Florida, he says only time will tell how much of a dent the nationwide investigation will make in the large amount of synthetic drugs being manufactured and distributed in our area.

Another person listed in the documents relating to this sweep is Joel Lester. His Boca Raton, 'Nature and Health' shop was raided back in March.

The documents say it was him that helped DEA investigators locate the three involved in manufacturing and selling the 'Mr. Nice Guy' products.

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