Uncertainty among U.S. legislators felt in Syria

Floridians with ties to Syria feeling anxious

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The countdown to a congressional vote on a potential military strike in Syria is on. Congress is expected to take up a vote Tuesday.

The uncertainty is causing anxiety for some south Floridians with loved ones in the potential strike zone. They are keeping in close contact with those loved ones on the phone and through social media. The conversations are all hinging on what the U.S. does next.

26-year old Samir spoke live via Skype from syria on Friday night.

"Yes. I'm in Damascus," he said. Samir is having a real-life, real-time conversation with his friend, Habib Alzein, who lives in West Palm Beach.

"The main discussion everyday is Obama," said Alzein. "They think day in and day out about what Obama is saying." Uncertainty of how President Barack Obama - and congress - will act, is causing uncertainty about life - and potentially death - in Damascus.

A majority vote in the Senate for a military strike in Syria will be an uphill battle. In the House, there may be an even steeper path for the president. Still he is pressing on as the world watches and listens.

Alzein, who was born and raised in Syria, says that he is having to ask his loved ones overseas to prepare for anything. His older sister in Damascus writes to him via Facebook saying, "We are very afraid. Nobody goes outside the home. I am in my home for almost two weeks."

The president takes his plans to the American people on Tuesday night with an address from Washington, D.C.

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