Tyler Hadley's attorneys file appeal, challenge life sentence without parole

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Tyler Hadley, who was convicted of murdering both his mother and father when he was 17-years-old, may have another day in court.

On March 20, St. Lucie County judge Robert Makemson found Tyler Hadley guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and sentenced him to life in prison without parole.

The judge said he really only had two sentencing choices: life without parole or a minimum mandatory sentence of 25 years.

The Public Defender's Office representing Hadley has now filed an appeal with the Fourth District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach challenging the life in prison without parole sentence.

Hadley's attorneys have asked the 4th DCA for a 60-day extension to file all of the required paper work prior to the court scheduling arguments for the appeal.