Two school bus accidents in two days

Bus drivers not at fault

Jodi Cummings, a school bus driver for 25 years, trains new drivers hired by the Palm Beach County School District. "We deal with traffic on a daily basis, especially during season we have a lot more traffic down here. We deal with the children on the buses."

Jodi says one of the hardest things about driving is watching out for other drivers. "We need people to start looking when they see those lights coming that they stop when those red lights come out."
According to the sheriff's office, this morning a car hit a school bus in Lake Worth on "D" street. Three students suffered minor injuries. A second accident happened yesterday.
Corporal David Weinberg said, "The two crashes that involved the school buses, one was due to a traffic light violation and the other one was due to a stop sign violation. No fault of the bus drivers."

Weinberg says a 2012 study shows the number of accidents involving school buses. "The National Board of Education did a study and what they found was that one day in the state of Florida they had approximately 21-thousand school bus violations of illegal passing of the school bus."

His advice to drivers-- slow down and stop when you see school bus lights. "If they would just take a few minutes to realize the law, wait and stop for that bus, I think they could deal with that better than the other avenue which is they potentially seriously injure a child or possibly a fatality."

Jodi Cummings said, "Cell phones I know are a big thing with everyone, but if they are not watching for our children we need them to watch for the children and to watch when we are going to stop."

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