Pregnant woman and boyfriend shot in Boynton Beach drive-by shooting

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - A Christmas shooting has a pregnant woman from Boynton Beach in the hospital.

Her boyfriend was shot as well, part of a drive by shooting in Boynton Beach.

Once the police tape was wrapped up and the crime scene broken down, It fell to the friends and relatives of a pregnant woman to wash her blood off their front door.
"It's sad," said the victim's uncle, Gentle Smith. "The world is getting weaker everyday."

The unidentified victim was with her boyfriend in a black Chevy at around 3:45 p.m. on northeast 17th court, right in front of a relative's house.

Police say someone in another car pulled up alongside and started shooting.

The pregnant woman and her boyfriend were hit. A trail of blood led to to her relatives' home.

The suspects took off and ambulances came to take the wounded pair to the hospital.

"We've got God on our side. I'm not afraid of anything," said Smith.

The shooting rattled the neighborhood.

"Today is the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. Today is a day of rejoicing, family get-togethers, it's just so sad," said Cheryl Sloan, a north side neighborhood resident for more than fifty years.

After only six months, neighbor Jessie Exantus says she's had it with Boynton Beach's north side.

"I already told him we're going to move. I'm not going to stay here. I want to move back to Homestead," said Exantus.

Now police get to work - and family wonder. Why?

"I don't know what happened. All I know is she got shot. That's it. We don't know how she is doing, or her boyfriend," said Smith.

Both shooting victims were taken to the hospital in serious condition.

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