Two 'bump and rob' crimes overnight

Victims shot

Police in nine local agencies are busy looking for answers for the latest wave of roadway violence.

Authorities say there's been a big bump in "bump and rob" crimes in Palm Beach County.

The bad guys bump their vehicle into the back of their intended victim.... when that driver gets out to check for damage, he or she is robbed at gunpoint.

"It's getting a little crazy around here. It's getting crazy everywhere and the economy being bad the bad guys are just coming up with more ideas," said Ron Lowen, a concerned driver.

"In Europe they do it quite frequently but not here in Florida. I never heard about that,' said Roland Freese, a concerned resident.

Investigators believe two men are responsible for a series of 'bump and rob' crimes throughout Palm Beach County...all of which are occurring between midnight and 6 a.m. The latest happened early Thursday morning.

One "bump and rob" took place in Delray Beach at Military Trail and Atlantic Avenue and about 30 minutes later - the second was reported at Churchill Road and South Olive Avenue in West Palm Beach.

All 9 different police agencies believe they're looking for the same two suspects.

"We have had two incidents like this and we are working with several other law enforcement agencies throughout the county on a joint investigation to identify these suspects and arrest them," said Stephanie Slater, the Boynton Beach Police Spokesperson.

The suspects' vehicle is described as a dark-colored Jeep SUV.

Police say if you're involved in a rear-end bump call 911, drive to a well-lit populated area and stay in your car.

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