Tropical Storm Isaac pet plans: Preparing your pets for a major storm

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- As Tropical Storm Isaac is watched carefully, its track still uncertain, local and national animal care organizations are asking Florida residents to consider their pets in their storm evacuation plans.

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, the Humane Society of the United States, and several other groups are providing tips to residents.

The Storm Team 5 Hurricane Survival Guide features a list of supplies and tips to help you prepare. 

Free copies can be picked up at Publix supermarkets. The entire kit is available for download, complete with useful and in-depth tips. Pet tips can be found on page 7.

Experts say, pet owners need to have a plan ahead of time. 

Never leave pets outside during storms. If it is unsafe for you, it is unsafe for your pet. Leashed animals can drown, be choked, or suffer serious injury. 

Having a plan for a destination is important in case of emergency, as not all hotels accept pets. 

Also, be certain to take photos of you with your pet, and at least three days of supplies for your pet, including water, food, medications, bowls, litter, etc.

Also, don't forget leashes, collars, identification, harnesses, and carriers, as well as comfort items to soothe frightened animals.

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