Trolley Bus may add route to Palm Beach Outlets

More than a million shoppers have visited the Palm Beach Outlets since it opened on Valentine's Day last month.

Now, city officials want to create a trolley route that takes shoppers from Downtown West Palm Beach to the Outlets.

The proposal, which is not set in stone, would cost around $50,000 for a 3-month pilot program.

"We're discussing options right now, defining what the route would look like, how long it will take from getting downtown to the outlets, it's a discussion we've been having for the past few months," said Teneka James.

"I'd be the first one on it, I'd love it, I really enjoy, it would be a help for all of us because I don't drive," said Joan Ciccaglilne.

The city plans to work with the Downtown Development Authority and the outlets to evenly split the cost.

City leaders hope to have the trolley running by the end of the year.


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