Trial-Rail: No trains running Monday

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Tri-Rail has announced that commuter trains will not run on Monday.

Palm Beach County School officials say district school buses will be dispatched to Tri-Rail stations, but schedule may not be the same as trains.

Bus schedule is asĀ  follows:

Boca Tri-rail 6:40am 1 Roosevelt MS/Suncoast

Boca Tri-rail 7:20am 1 Bak

Boca Tri-rail

7:40am 1 Dreyfoos

Delray Beach

7:30am 2 Bak/Dreyfoos

Boynton Beach

7:40am 2 Bak/Dreyfoos

Lake Worth 7:40am 1 Bak/Dreyfoos

Mangonia Park 7:40am 1 Dreyfoos

Drop Off

Location Pick up Time Number of Buses Drop Off Location Estimated Arrival

Roosevelt MS/Suncoast 2:35pm/2:50pm 1 Boca Tri-rail 3:45pm

Bak 3:05pm 1 Boca Tri-rail 4:00pm

Dreyfoos 3:40pm 1 Boca Tri-rail 4:20pm

Bak/Dreyfoos 3:05pm3:40pm 2Delray Beach 4:10pm

Bak/Dreyfoos 3:05/3:40pm 2 Boynton

Beach 4:05pm

Bak/Dreyfoos 3:05pm/3:40pm 1 Lake Worth 4:00pm

Dreyfoos 3:40pm 1 Mangonia Park 3:55pm

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