Tinoris Williams: PBSO deputy, suspect had prior altercation in 2010 prior to fatal shooting

Investigators are now looking into 2010 incident

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - The family of the Suburban West Palm Beach man who was shot and killed by a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy questioned a 2010 incident involving the suspect and the deputy.

A recently released arrest report shows deputy Ernest Cantu got into a physical altercation with Tinoris Williams in 2010. The report shows Cantu was responding to a domestic disturbance when Williams appeared aggressive and was clenching his fists. The situation escalated when the two started to fight and Williams allegedly reached for the ammo pack Cantu was wearing.

Williams was charged with felony battery on an law enforcement officer. Court documents show the charge was later lowered to a misdemeanor and then dropped altogether a month after the incident.

"Same deputy and that's why everybody is so puzzled," said Angela Williams, the family spokesperson.

Angela Williams said the family of Tinoris Williams does not want to comment at the moment due to the history between Ernest Cantu and Tinoris Williams.

"There's question marks there. It's just a red flag comes up. Why is this so similar?" questioned Angela Williams.
Given the prior incident in 2010, Angela Williams said the deputy must have known who Tinoris Williams was when he shot and killed him Monday.

When reached for comment about the 2010 incident, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office released this statement:

"Investigators are aware of this incident as well as many other incidents involving Mr. Williams.  All of this information will be reviewed as part of this ongoing investigation," wrote Teri Barbera, spokesperson with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Angela Williams said it does relieve the family that both incidents are being investigated.

"It does ease my heart a little. At least they're looking at it. It brings ease to the family as well. It's not just this something that's being swept under the rug.  They are looking at it and seeing what took place with this officer," said Angela Williams.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office also released a statement regarding the 2010 incident between Cantu and Williams.

“The State Attorney’s Office is presently reviewing this officer involved shooting.  It would be inappropriate to comment on any facts related to this officer involved shooting or prior history until the case review is complete," wrote Mike Edmondson, Executive Assistant to the State Attorney.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg was not in office during the 2010 incident but said he is now reviewing it as part of the entire investigation.​