Tinoris Williams: Deputy-involved shooting suspect had mental illness according to court documents

Over a dozen arrests and a history of mental illness according to court documents, but Tinoris Williams' mother says her son would not assault a Sheriff's Deputy.

"Tinoris didn't bother anyone. If you didn't bother him, you didn't hear a word out of him," Williams' mother Vickie Williams said.

Tinoris Williams was shot and killed by a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy after he allegedly attacked the deputy and put a gun to his head.

But according to police reports, Vickie Williams has called police on her son before claiming he threatened to kill her and has a history of mental illness.

"I kept calling them to get him some help so he wouldn't be a threat to the community," Vickie Williams said.

Many of the felonies Williams was arrested for were either dropped or lowered over the years.

Defense Attorney John Howe is not associated with the case, but says he has seen situations like that before.

"Since the history of the law we have had the issue...how do you deal with people with mental illness...going to trial and having a jury find a person mentally ill when you knew that all along is sometimes deemed a waste of court resources. It's a way to resolve cases," Howe said.

In some of Williams' arrests, the victims were family members.

Howe says family will sometimes drop charges, and that combined with the mental illness issues make cases hard to prosecute.

"It is unfortunately a problem that has been with us for a long time and will be with us for a long time to come," Howe said.

The Sheriff's Office has not released the deputies name involved in the shooting.