Time runs out for 'Occupy Palm Beach' protesters camping out in downtown West Palm Beach

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- After spending more than two months camped out in downtown West Palm Beach, members of "Occupy Palm Beach" are one step closer to being kicked out.

Police confronted protesters Friday with a dispersal order from Mayor Jeri Muoio that forces occupy member to leave or face arrest.

A few officers showed up before noon to deliver the order to protesters that they are no longer welcome to camp at the old city hall.

The protesters who met with officers acknowledged the order and even helped officers walk around and disperse it to other tents.

No arrests were made but police said the situation could change if the order is not followed.

"At some point, a call is going to be made that they are in violation. And technically they are right now because they were given that March 1 date and they're still here," said Captain Brian Kapper, West Palm Beach Police.

Some of the protesters who received the order said they will move, but it does not mean the movement is over.

"I don't feel like this is a death of 'Occupy,' it's a rebirth for us to regroup and come together and maybe talk about some things and maybe to get more active," said Anthony Shue, an 'Occupy' protester.

Police said they are giving protesters a reasonable amount of time to pack up, which could equate to two or three more days.

A spokesperson with the movement said there are plans to stay at the current sight, as some are willing to face arrest.

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