Three men who discussed 'burning down the city' have been charged with arson, police say

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Three men have been arrested by the West Palm Beach police after a fire was set in a Dumpster next to The Strand  at 255 Evernia Wednesday night.

Police say that based on video and observations in the area they arrested William Eakin, Robert Gaudreau and Nicholas Griffin.

Officers say that Gaudreau and Griffin were spotted placing a small Christmas tree inside a Dumpster in an alley behind The Strand and setting it on fire.

Investigators say that Eakin told them that the three were drinking and were upset with security guards and police in the downtown area.

The three, according to officers, discussed "burning down the city:"

The fire, according to police, was contained without spreading to nearby buildings.

Eakin, Griffin and Gaudreau were booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on arson charges.

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