Thieves rob West Palm Beach storage space, steal 175 pairs of collectible shoes through ceiling

Victims believe burglars broke in through ceiling

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Nearly 200 pairs of collectible basketball shoes were stolen from a local storage unit on Friday, just one of several burglaries that happened at the same storage center.

Some renters are now worried they are being targeted.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed it is investigating the burglaries that happened at the Public Storage on 4200 Okeechobee Boulevard.

What is puzzling victims is that their locks and doors to their storage units were left untouched during the thefts.

“I’m like looking around like, did this just happen,” said Chris Torres, who lost 175 pairs of expensive shoes.

Torres said he came in early Friday morning and discovered his collection worth $25,000-$50,000 dollars had been stolen.

“You know I’m not going to lie, I definitely feel violated,” said Torres. “I was thinking to myself, how can this be?”

With his lock left intact, Torres said the burglars did not go through the front door. He thinks they cut through the wire ceiling and busted through the top.

“They did it pretty smart, I’ll give them that,” said Torres.

After calling PBSO, Torres realized he was not alone. Several other storage space renters also had their valuables stolen in the same way.

“You know you think storage unit is safe, you don’t think anyone is going to go in there and tamper with your stuff,” said Torres.

When reached for comment in person and over the phone, Public Storage did not respond.

Torres said his beloved b-ball kicks are probably long gone, but he thinks the “hi-top heisters” will eventually be punished.

“It’ll catch up to them. Eventually. You can’t be that good,” said Torres.

The storage space renters who were burglarized said they had insurance but that it only covers up to $5,000.

PBSO would not specify if it had any leads and said the situation is an open investigation.