Therapy bike stolen from 12-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - For a local 12-year-old girl, riding her bike is more than a fun pastime. It's a source of therapy to help her progress with her fight against Cerebral Palsy.

Amber Hall's mother, Alisa Hall says the therapy bike was stolen out of their garage Saturday morning.

Now, they're hoping someone will have the heart to return it.

"She can't ride a bike just like every other kid," Alisa said.

A few years ago, Alisa says their therapist donated a custom bike to Amber, which would typically be worth thousands of dollars.

"It helps me exercise and learn how to ride on the bike," Amber said.

"It has three wheels. It has a special gear mechanism that helps her be able to pedal," Alisa said.

The bike is yellow and blue with a white basket.

Alisa stores other bikes in the garage, but says a thief targeted Amber's custom therapy bike.

She broke the news to Amber immediately. " Amber, I gotta tell you something. Somebody stole your bike. And what happened? I cried," described Amber.

"I can't believe that somebody would take something that is an adaptive bike for somebody who has special needs," Alisa said.

Amber can't ride a standard bike. Alisa doesn't want to front thousands of dollars for a new custom bike.

"I just want hers back," Alisa said.

If you see the bike, you're asked to call West Palm Beach Police.