The peak of flea season is here

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Animal experts says the mix of hot and humid weather in florida is a breeding ground for the tiny, bothersome critters. 

"I love dogs...they're like 'fur persons.' She's one of my people in the house," said Judy Welch, owner of a golden retriever mix. 

Flea season is at its peak from February through May. The bugs are typically attracted to dogs and cats. 

"The temperature and the humidity are perfect for the flea life cycles.  Fleas are reproducing at a faster rate than they would during the summer or fall months," said Susan Baker, owner of the Baker Veterinary Clinic in West Palm Beach.

Baker says flea can reproduce in as little as seven days.  She also says not all flea treatment products are created the same. 

"The ones that are not as sensitive to the product are the ones that are reproducing more. So we're seeing more fleas that aren't being killed as quickly or as well by certain products as by other products," said Baker.

Baker recommends year-round flea treatment. 

"A lot of people wait until they see a flea on their dog in order to give it a's too late then. If we're seeing one on the dog, there is hundreds in the environment. We need to give it preventively and it needs to be given every month," said Baker. 

Counterfeit flea care products do exist that could cause more harm than good.  It's recommended that products are bought from a licensed veterinarian.


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