The Palm Beach County Elections Office is preparing for early voting for the Republican primary

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The Florida Republican Primary is two weeks from Tuesday and for those voters who cannot stand to wait, there is always early voting in Florida. It is a time period of 14 days that political experts regard as vital to winning the nominee.

"I don't know how many of you have voted, but you can vote now. Isn't that true? So get out and vote," remarked Mitt Romney during a visit to West Palm Beach recently.

The GOP candidate knew about early voting in Florida when he made his surprise visit to the Palm Beach County Convention Center. Some said it is part of the reason why he went out of his way to come to the Sunshine State.

"Whoever wins Florida wakes up the next day in first place," said Sid Dinerstein of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County.

Dinerstein said people should brace themselves for maximum candidate exposure. 

"Expect to see the guys who want a shot at the Whitehouse a lot around Florida, especially in Palm Beach County,"said Dinerstein.

Dinerstein said Florida has more delegates than the other three primary states combined and it is winner takes all. He said that is why candidates will be pushing for early voting before the Florida primary on January 31st.

"Who knows what news will come up in the mean time when they might say I'd like to change my vote," said Dinerstein.

The Palm Beach County elections office said for all those wanting to cast their ballots early, they will be ready.

Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said despite the early voting period being shortened from 15 days to 8 days, her staff is still preparing for 100 percent turnout.

Dinerstein expects a huge push from the candidates.

"For people who are trailing, this is their lottery ticket," said Dinerstein.

For a list of the locations to cast early ballots click here.

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