The NAACP is now getting involved after school board votes to move Roosevelt Leadership Academy

The all male Roosevelt Leadership Academy program was slated to start at the old Roosevelt high school in the fall but because of budgetary issues, the Palm Beach County school board voted  to move the program to the old North Tech .

Community leaders and groups, including the NAACP, will show up at the school board meeting tonight to show opposition of the school boards decision. 
School leaders said there was money in the budget to start up the program at Roosevelt but there was no long term money to fix up the school. 
The NAACP said the building is fine and wished the board would have tabled the option to look for other resources to help fund the project. 
Lia Gaines, President of the West Palm Beach NAACP chapter said the board either doesn't understand the initiative of the program which is targeted to educating young minority and African American males or that it's not a priority.
"Rather than just saying where they would replace it, there was no discussion and deliberation about what can we really do to keep it where the community is requesting it", said Gaines. 
The NAACP is also questioning the boards decision to possibly hire PBSO to police Palm Beach County public schools. 
The NAACP said several community groups worked for 3 years to do reforms on the schools zero tolerance policies. 
The group said the school boards position is to educate, nurture and serve young people, which is different from the sheriffs office position. 
Gaines believes the two cultures might clash and it could become evident on how they handle students especially those from a different background and race. 
"For minor infractions, one student maybe just counseled and another maybe put out of class or suspended and so we're still working on those issues and now to bring in another factor, when we've been trying to move forward is just going to set us back", said Gaines.
WPTV contacted the school board and are still waiting to hear back. 
The meeting starts at 5pm.