The Autism Channel in West Palm Beach is trying to reach an international audience

SUBURBAN WEST PALM BEACH, Fla - "Scene two, take, action," shouts a member of the floor crew at the Flying Pig Ranch Studios. 

At the small facility in suburban West Palm Beach, they're trying to do something that's never been done before.

They're trying to provide daily programs to the international autism community through their creation of The Autism Channel.

They started it four years ago as an idea for a cable TV program, and now are trying to transform it into its own network.

"The more you get involved with autism, the more you get involved with people on the spectrum, the more you realize these are really unique individuals," says one of the channel's creators, Jerry Trowbridge.

Take for example their two movie critics in the show Private Screening. Both hosts, Michael Precourt and Anthony Canzonetta, are on the autism spectrum.

"One of the things we've found is putting people on the spectrum on the air is one of the most popular things we do," said Trowbridge

But it's more than a showcase for talent. They're also trying to have The Autism Channel highlight all aspects of the developmental disorder.

"We want to be a clearinghouse for everything in the autism communities so professionals can watch, so we can all learn from each other, and for the parents of the newly diagnosed," said Trowbridge.

They're doing it with shows like "Spectrum At Law,"  exploring issues affecting parents of children on the spectrum.

The shows are streamed, and  while their audience is  small now, they're hoping to reach 100-thousand by the end of the year and eventually millions of viewers worldwide.

Their goal is straightforward; show what life is like on the autism spectrum.

"I think our mission is to reflect an accurate view of what the autism community is," said Trowbridge.

The shows can be seen through on-demand video streaming through Roku , and they're working to get the shows on other media platforms.