Teen beating victim's mother wants threats against suspect's family to stop

OKEECHOBEE, Fla. - 16-year-old Aaron Hill did not go to the first day of school at Okeechobee High School on Monday.

"I have my fears. I am scared to send him and let him out of my sight," the teen's mother Lesley Hill said.

Aaron Hill was attacked in a video that went viral. Hill is on the autism spectrum.

The suspect Andrew Wheeler remains in the Okeechobee County Jail on a 20,000 dollar bond.

"I could have never seen my son smile again. I could have never seen my son laugh again," Hill said.

Hill is a single mom with five kids, two of which are on the autism spectrum

She says she's been through a lot since the beating over one week ago.

"Every emotion that everyone has felt...I have felt that and then some," Hill said.

The suspect's family says they have been receiving death threats.

"You can't hold his family accountable for his actions. His sister, mother, and father did not teach him to do this. They don't deserve that," Hill said.

Hill said she appreciates the support overall, but urges the nearly 80,000 Facebook followers of "Justice for Aaron" to remain positive.

"Cruelty does not deserve cruelty, ignorance does not deserve ignorance, and bullying does not deserve bullying. Everyone needs to be patient. Justice will come," Hill said.

Another rally for Aaron is planned for later this week.

According to detectives at the Okeechobee Police Department, no new arrests were made Monday but they are working with Juvenile Justice.