TattooMania takes over Palm Beach County Convention Center

Hundreds of tattoo lovers getting inked

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Choosing to get a tattoo is a very delicate decision - or at least it should be. Hundreds of people were getting inked at TattooMania West Palm Beach starting Friday night.

Everywhere you turned, you could hear it and see it. Art was being created right before your eyes. Hundreds of people - with their already inked bodies - are getting even more ink at TattooMania.

Brian Fabricant believes, at 74, he was the oldest one here. "I broke up with my girlfriend and in the last four years she wouldn't let me get a tattoo," he said. Friday, Fabricant was looking for his thirteenth and final tattoo of his life. He did not get his first tattoo until he was 60 years old because body art like this often comes with a stigma, he said.

"I had to wait until my parents died, and my brother died and my family," said Fabricant. "Nobody can question me now."

What kind of inking can cause the most 'tattoo regret'? The professionals say it is the name of someone else.

"People come in and say 'can you get this name off my neck or my wrist? I'm not in love with this person anymore'," said Elizabeth Plummer, part-owner of Aces High Tattoo in Palm Beach County.

"If somebody's looking at you here, they're usually looking at your body to appreciate what you've put on yourself," said Lyndsey Kohler of Tequesta, who was going under the needle Friday.

Alongside all the tattoo artists at the Convention Center this weekend is a group called Blooming With Autism, which recognizes the importance of exposing children on the Autism spectrum to various forms of art and physical therapy. A portion of the proceeds from TattooMania goes to this group so it can help even more kids. Some tattoo artists even offered real tattoos of the Blooming With Autism logo.

TattooMania will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center through Sunday.