Tammy Pietranton: Good Samaritan helps save teen

She was on her way to a meeting, but something made Tammy Pietranton stop at the scene of an accident on Military Trail on Tuesday evening around 6:15.

"I would have not known he was there if my music was on or if I was talking on the phone because I could hear him scream with my windows up," said Pietranton.

Witnesses started gathering around a teenager who had been hit by a car that was turning out of the "Academy for Little People" preschool.

Pietranton says the boy was trapped in the wheel well.

"We tried to lift the car off, me and the guy, there was no way that was going to happen. I just went out in traffic, asked someone to stop, to please help us. And then a guy came running up from behind, three of us tried to lift the car, we still couldn't do it," Pietranton said. "I'm thinking to myself, this is a child by himself. I'm a parent."

She flagged someone else down.

"We were able to take all four of us, lift the car off of him and move. At the point, the child was freaked out, panicked. He wanted to get up and move. But we said no."

The teen had cuts and bruises, his bike was smashed, and Tammy shared a moment with him.

"When he was on the ground, and I told him I had to go, I told him God was with you tonight."

Because of his age, firefighters could not update the teen's condition - but he was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center in stable condition.

A worker at the Academy for Little People says they're trying to raise money to get the teen a new bike.

But in order to give it to him, they'll have to identify him, which they've been unable to do so far.

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