Tagean Lug, Herbert Grant arrested for trafficking marijuana, over 300 pounds of pot and $96K seized

On Thursday, April 25, police served a search warrant at 1104 Green Pine Blvd. in West Palm Beach.

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office were about to enter the apartment when 31-year-old Tagean Petergay Lug arrived in her vehicle.

Lug lived at the residence with her boyfriend Herbert Grant.

Inside Lug's vehicle, officers discovered 67 pounds of marijuana.

A PBSO Narcotics Agent arrested Lug for the marijuana found in her vehicle.

She was charged with trafficking in marijuana over 25 pounds.

Inside the apartment, police found an additional 250 pounds of marijuana.

Cash amounting to $96,251 was found throughout various locations within the apartment.

Lug admitted to police that she used Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America to promote the ongoing activity of trafficking in significant amounts of marijuana.

Lug said her involvement in the operation included picking up large boxes of marijuana from different postal stores throughout Palm Beach County and delivering them to the apartment.

Lug had a fraudulent Florida driver license and other fake documents to use as ID when picking up the packages.

Lug admitted that the cash was being funneled through her bank accounts for the sole purpose to conduct illegal drug activity.

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