Tafair Meyers charged with buying cellphones with fake money

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A plan to sell an Apple iPhone 5s on Craigslist did not work out well for the seller, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said that the seller received a response from man who identified himself as Jeffrey.

The seller and Jeffrey agreed to meet at the Palo Verde Apartments located at 6182 Forest Hill Blvd.

Jeffrey, according the seller, gave him an envelope with four $100 bills and three $50 bills. According to PBSO, the seller told Jeffrey that the money was fake.

The man known as Jeffrey then snatched the Apple iPhone 5s and fled, said the police report.

PBSO detectives told the victim they have been working similar cases in which the suspect contacts sellers on Craigslist and tries to buy cellphones with counterfeit money.

Deputies were able to trace calls made from the seller to Tafari Meyers of Fort Pierce.

Investigators said that they have surveillance video from a Boynton Beach convenience store showing Meyers entering prior to trying to pass fake money.

PBSO arrested Meyers and charged him with robbery and using forged money.

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