Sunfest stabbing concerns West Palm Beach police chief, enrages 18-year-old victim's father

Sunfest insists incidents of violence are rare

Raw emotion from a father and questions from West Palm Beach's top police officer after a stabbing at Sunfest music festival raises security questions.
Police said Raige Hasko, 18, was stabbed on Sunday in the back while watching rapper Mac Miller perform.
On Monday, Hasko remained at his father's house where he continued to heal from the 1.5-inch stab wound in his back.
"You know it's my kid, I love him," said a tearful Ron Hasko, the victim's father.
Ron Hasko said doctors told him his son was two-inches away from not walking and one-inch away from piercing his stomach.
Hasko insists his son was not on drugs or drinking and was not looking to pick a fight.
"Don't get me wrong, he's 18, he has his moments. But I've talked to all of his friends he was with and they told me, 'Listen Ron, we were just hanging out,'" said Ron Hasko.
Just a day after the stabbing, West Palm Beach Police Chief Vincent Demasi told the Palm Beach Post newspaper he was concerned and wants to sit down with Sunfest promoters and review safety.
When reached for further comment, a West Palm Beach Police spokesperson sent this emailed statement:
" From Wednesday May 1 thru Sunday May 5, the City  West Palm Beach Hosted Sunfest in the Downtown Waterfront District. As in previous years the West Palm Beach Police Department Command Staff will review After Action Reports, and make any necessary security recommendations for next years Sunfest Event to City and Sunfest Staff," wrote Captain David Bernhardt, West Palm Beach Police.
"We were surprised to hear that, but by the nature of any event, it's good to review what's gone on," said Melissa Sullivan, a spokesperson for Sunfest.
Raige Hasko's father, Ron, said he sides with West Palm's police chief and wants to see a review of safety measures.
"It's a random act of violence that very well could have taken my son's life," said Ron Hasko.
When statistics on incidents for the five-day festival were requested, a police spokesperson said officers are still turning in reports and that numbers will be compiled later.


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