Sujo John shares his story about surviving the 9/11 attacks

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Sujo John vividly remembers the morning of 9/11, when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center buildings.

Sujo worked on the 81st floor in the North Tower, his pregnant wife Mary in the South Tower.

Sujo said, "When I hear this incredible explosion and a plane has come crashing down into our building. It shakes violently. As I look up there is a huge crater where we can see 10 floors directly above, twisted steel and cable."

Sujo and 20 co-workers searched for a way out. Almost an hour and a half later, only he and one other worker made it out alive. He then saw the South Tower collapse, and feared his wife did not survive. A few moments later his cell phone rang.

"I see my wife's caller ID and I'm thinking it's not her, it's someone else calling  me with the news that my wife is dead. So I picked up the call thinking it would be the worst news of my life, but when I said hello, it was my wife."

His wife was running late that morning and never made it into the South tower. The couple promised God they would do something meaningful with their lives.

Today Sujo shared his story with more than 700 students at the King's Academy, emphasizing the importance of  making every moment of their lives count.

"What started out as a beautiful day turned out to be one of the darkest days in America's history. And looking back it's been twelve years of men and women dying that day and even post - 9/11. The war in Iraq and in Afghanistan and so many Americans, so many soldiers have laid down their lives for the cause of freedom."

Sujo John started the organization, " You Can Free Us ", which fights human trafficking.

Earlier today, Sujo spoke at a men's breakfast in Boca Raton hosted by The Gathering . He will also be speaking in West Palm Beach tomorrow.


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