State says teen's electronic monitoring schedule wasn't 'submitted' or 'verified' before his release

A retired K-9 officer passed away after being shot

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - We're continuing to learn new information about the teenager who's accused of shooting a retired K-9 officer during an attempted burglary in suburban West Palm Beach.

In a statement from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, a spokesperson said its own workers didn't follow proper procedures in the case. Plus, they're now ordering a review of all electronic monitoring cases across the entire state of Florida after what happened.

Back on November 18, a 16 year old who was on house arrest and had an electronic monitoring bracelet was accused of breaking into a nearby home and shooting a retired K-9 officer. The dog passed away a few days later.

After an internal review, the Department of Juvenile Justice said detention workers should have submitted and verified the teen's monitoring schedule to the company that operates it before releasing him. A review shows neither of those procedures took place.

The Vice President of 3M Monitoring Technology that created the device and system told NewsChannel 5," In this case there was no rule that prevented the teenager from being where he was," said Steve Chapin.  "I think the important fact is the system worked as it was designed," he said.

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