'Stamp Out Hunger' food drive aiding needy families across the U.S.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - This weekend people can help out the hungry across South Florida and barely have to leave their front door.

The "Stamp Out Hunger" food drive is going to collect food on Saturday and bring it to local food banks.

This week U.S. Postal Service workers are putting special plastic bags in mail boxes they hope people will fill with food.

Letter carriers will pick the food up from your house and take it to area food banks.

"If it doesn't fit in the mail box, leave us a note and we'll come up to your door, if you have a big box of food, if you want to clean out your cabinets," said letter carrier Star Hunter.

Now is the time of year they say they need people's help because many homes have more mouths to feed.

"With school getting out, this is having a direct impact on families with children," said Melissa Sullivan of the Palm Beach County Food Bank.

The food drive is a national campaign so people can donate wherever they live.

Sullivan says in many cases the food will get out to those in need in a matter of days.

Food drive organizers say they are looking for nutritious non-perishable foods that do not come in glass containers.

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