South Florida thieves arrested after targeting airports, stealing suitcases from baggage claim areas

Investigators believe $25,000 worth of items taken

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - Travelers are on high alert in South Florida after two men were arrested for allegedly stealing baggage from several airports.

Detectives said Alis Jimenez and Juan Fidalgo went on a suitcase snatching spree at airports from Miami to West Palm Beach.

"I mean you don't know what you have in there. Your personal belongings. Something very valuable. Something you actually look forward to seeing and you lose it or whatever? I think it's a wild world," said Neeraj Mahani as he looked for his bags at Palm Beach International Airport.

Investigators said the thieves were caught on surveillance video walking into the baggage claim area. They said the duo would simply take suitcases from the baggage belt and walk away. Detectives believe around $25,000 worth of items were stolen.

"There's really nothing to do about it because we don't really know. We can't go up to everybody and just stop them and ask them for their ticket. We assume that that's their bag," said Mickey O'Sullivan, an airport ramp agent at PBIA.

O'Sullivan said he tried to watch who is taking what as he loads the carousel, but he said it is really up to flyers to make sure they get to the baggage claim area on time and watch for their things.
"I'll be more vigilant. I'll be probably spreading the word among my friends and family now I know about this," said Mahani.

Investigators urge anyone who feels their things might have been stolen to call 305-376-7373.