David Dyche: South Florida sailor missing, boat captain disappears off New Zealand coast

Rescue crews have not found crew, boat wreckage

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- - An international search for a South Florida sailor and his crew is underway after the seven-member crew went missing off the coast of New Zealand.

Authorities said David Dyche, 58, and the crew of the Nina set sail from the Bay Islands in New Zealand on May 29. They were last heard from on June 4 and have yet to make any communication with anyone.

Standing by and glued to her iPad, Cherie Martinez waits patiently for any news about her missing twin brother.

"It's been like a roller coaster actually. For every good news there seems to be tagged on some disappointing news," said Martinez.

Thousands of miles away from Martinez, crews are searching the waters between New Zealand and Australia for Dyche and the crew of the Nina. Among the members, his wife Rosemary and teenage son Davie.

Days of searching have yielded nothing, not even a single piece of wreckage.

"Oh I think he's there. Whether he's alive or not, that's the next decision," said Martinez.

The last communication anyone had with the Nina was on June 4. A crew member sent a New Zealand meteorologist a text message that read, "ANY UPDATE 4 NINA? ... EVI."

More than a week later, the mother of Dyche got a strange phone call on June 13.

"I heard static on the phone, very heavy static and the voice said 'Caryl.' Then the static got so bad it cut off," said Caryl Dyche.

Caryl Dyche believes the voice was her son and said it is the only development she is holding onto.

"Just hear his voice or that somebody found him," said a tearful Caryl Dyche.

Reality is beginning to set in as the clock turns with no sign of Dyche, his family or crew.
Martinez said she is optimistic and said the boat her brother is sailing is lucky.

"She's always come back to port. Maybe not all in one piece, but she's come back to port. But if he's still going, then boat is still going and that's what's keeping it on," said Martinez.

Search crews in New Zealand said they plan to continue search in a different coastal area in the coming days.

Family members of the missing are debating whether to travel to New Zealand or wait.

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