Small businesses watching presidential race

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - As Mitt Romney and Barack Obama focus more intently on winning Florida, Romney has a stop scheduled for next week, the president was in Orlando on Thursday. Small business owners are watching the debate closely.

After 31 years of making pizza piesĀ in West Palm Beach, Zuccarelli is sorry to say their business is flat.

"I'm trying to keep my staff employed. I don't want to let them go, because they have families," said owner Olimpia Zuccarelli.

But costs are higher. Staying in business is tougher.

Zucarelli doesn't want to say who she will vote for in November, but her frustration is evident.

"I just think that things must, things have to change. Us, middle class people are working very hard to try to stay alive," said Zuccarelli.

President Obama in Orlando Thursday ripping Mitt Romney, saying he wants to cut taxes for the wealthy, at the expense of the middle class.

"They've tried to sell us this tax cut, fairy dust stuff before," said the president.

Mitt Romney, in Colorado, argued that only someone who has been in business, like him, understands how to jump start them.

"I want to restore the principles that made America the hope of the earth," said Romney.

At Gemstone and Bead imports, on Okeechobee Boulevard, Linda Steinhoff needs the help.

She remembers the days when people would line up to buy jewelry supplies. She thinks President Obama is the one who can deliver.

"He's done a lot. Give the guy a break," said Steinhoff.

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