Singer Island was battered with wind and waves Wednesday

SINGER ISLAND, Fla. - Lifeguards were keeping people out of the water on Palm Beach and Singer Island Wednesday.

"This is exactly the day you don't go in the water. Even if you are a good swimmer, you don't go in the water. It'sa strong current, a little rip current," Palm Beach Lifeguard Daniel Kniseley said.

Tourists from around the country were taking pictures of the big surf.

"This is so cool. Look at the waves. Look at the ocean. It is beautiful," Charlie Lebrun said.

On Singer Island, some residents aren't as excited about the weather, and are more concerned.

Because of erosion and big waves, the water is coming very close to seawalls.

"I was wondering if I could even pass this wall right here because I know last year they had some real problems up here," Bill Wiley said.

Residents say they are keeping an eye on the situation. Lifeguards will determine whether the water is safe for swimmers or if they will again encourage them to stay out on Thursday.

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