Show of support for injured West Palm Beach motorcycle officer

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - The West Palm Beach Police Department needs your help to support a seriously injured officer.

A car hit Officer Keith Gorski last month while he was trying to pull over a speeder.

He's still in the hospital with a head injury and his medical costs are adding up.

Wednesday morning 16 or so police motorcycle officers lined a sidewalk to show their support for Officer Gorski.

The police department announced a "LEAF" program for Gorski -- which stands for the Law Enforcement Assistance Foundation.

It's asking the public to donate because there is an overwhelming cost associated with his recovery.

"Once he gets transferred to a rehabilitation center, there are no local head trauma facilities here in Palm Beach County, so he will have to be moved either to Wakulla or the Atlanta area. So there's an overwhelming cost that is not covered by the workman's compensation and that's the family's ability to be with him while he's in recovery." said Mary Olsen, West Palm Beach Police Department Interim Co-Chief.

Officer Gorski can speak with his wife. He has two children.

To donate to Gorski's fund, you can send a check to:


P.O. Box 17725

West Palm Beach, Florida 33416

For further information, call the non-profit at (561) 307-5323 or visit the website.

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