Shots fired near armored truck at Garda Cash Vault in West Palm Beach after robbery attempt

Police questioning man at hospital, not a suspect

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. --  A shoot-out between an armed guard and a group of masked men who police were trying to rob an armored truck remains under investigation.

Police said shortly after 7:00 a.m., a group of masked men tried robbing an armored vehicle outside the Garda Company cash vault at gun point near 45th Street and Village Boulevard. Investigators said one of the secuirty guards opened fire at the suspects when the altercation took place.

"You don't have time to think. Things happen so fast," said Victor Sakalauskas of Invictus Security.

Sakalauskas, a former armed guard, has been in a similar situation where someone was trying to get the goods he was carrying and would go to deadly lengths to do so.

He and his team now train other to follow in their footsteps, where they tried to prepare future armed guards for the worst possibly scenario.

"You fall back to whatever level of training you had and hopfully if everything is there, you react properly and you're the lucky one who survives that day," said Sakalauskas.

Trainers at Invictus Security use plastic, replica gun and dummp rounds to get those training familiar with a weapon they train should only be used when their life, not property, is in danger.

"It's a very tense moment. It's very tense from the time you exit the vehicle until the time you enter again, that is where your situational awareness better be key," said Sakalauskas.

As much as Sakalauskas said he works to ready his stuent for the dangers of the job, he said nothing can prepare someone for a dangerous moment.

"Property can be replaced, your life cannot," said Sakalauskas.

No arrests have yet to be made but Captain David Bernhardt said they did detain a person who was dropped off at St. Mary's Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his jaw. Police confirmed Kelby Parson, 33, of Riviera beach is being questioned and has to be arrested.

Calls to the companies involved in the attempted armed robbery were not returned to WPTV NewsChannel 5.

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