Shooting victim files lawsuit against 45th Street Flea Market

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A 20 year old man who was shot while shopping at the 45th Street Flea Market, just filed a lawsuit against the owners of the market. He is suing for a million dollars.

Latoj Banks says in August, he was shopping when he was approached by an unknown man. He says he felt uneasy about the situation and started to run.

Banks says that's when he was shot. "I was shopping with my family, but by the time I was approached, I took off and I couldn't make it," he said.

His attorney, Richard Ryles said, "We are outraged that the flea market for some unknown reason started to discontinue having security at the market."

Ryles says he's seeking money to pay for current and future medical bills.

Recent shootings at the flea market have prompted the Mayor of West Palm Beach to step in to search for a solution to keep shoppers and neighbors safe.


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